spontaneous urbanism: building urban identity

Drs. Ir. Like Bijlsma, HM Fellowship Programm, spontaneous urbanism: building urban identity

gathering information in finale emilia, 25.04.2013 to 28.04.2013

MA_12 Fachprojekt 2 – UD_Urban Design
alt: MA_13 Architectural Design III

Spontaneous urbanism: building urban identity

The identity of a city is not only a physical phenomenon but it is also attached to the social practice of its users. It fluctuates over time, as the urban environment grows or shrinks and lifestyles change. The symbolic meaning of both social practice and buildings and spaces is stored in the collective memory of its inhabitants. Even when the built environment completely disappears, the urban identity that was attached to it will not. Its inhabitants remain and will preserve and reinterpret the identity of their lost city in their way of life, their habits and their memories.

This seminar focuses on the definition and reconstruction of the public domain in disaster areas. As the physical space is destructed, the idea of the public domain is stored in the collective memory of different social communities. We will research these memories, and match them with current needs and social practices of the existing community. Different sociological and anthropological research methods will be explored in short lectures and readings. We will use analytical drawings, observations, visual analyses and interviews. From this anthropological point of view we will develop different ‘vedutes’ of the public domain of a specific place. These are precise perspective drawings of a cityscape. These ‘views’ on the city will incorporate past and present practice, habits, memories. They will display the relationship between the old and the new, match the character of future and past public spaces, of traditional and modern architectures.

1. Treffen und Einführung: Donnerstag, 21.03.2013 10.00 Raum 214


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